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4Footsoccer Spring 2013 League
Johnny Downs Sports Complex
271 Vandenburg Dr.   Click here to map the event location!
Alexandria , LA
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Brief Description: Team roster sizes have been kept small to ensure more touches on the ball and more playing time for each child. U6-U10 Division Roster size 8; U11 and above Roster size 10; 2 Games every Tue/Thursday. U6 will play 15 min halves with U8-U10 playing 20 min halves. All games will be at Johnny Downs Sports Complex, 271 Vandenburg Dr., Alexandria, LA 71303 See Web site for further information.
Fees: $75.00
Online Reg. Closes: June 13, 2013 11:59 PM Pacific Time

4 Foot Soccer "Rules of Play"

Games Times / Schedule: Teams must report to their scheduled field 15 minutes prior to game-time. A team will forfeit the game if not ready to play at the scheduled time, at the discretion of the referee. Each team will play 2 games within a 1 hour period. It is imperative that games start and finish as scheduled.

Playing Rules: No offsides in 3v3 or 4v4 soccer.

No Slide Tackling: Slide tackling is only allowed to stop or intercept the ball. i.e. A player may slide to save a ball from going out of bounds. No contact can be made with the opposing players while sliding for the ball. If contact is made during a slide tackle it could warrant one yellow card based on the referee's discretion.

Kick-Ins will be used in place of throw-ins.

Goal Kick or Corner Kick will be awarded if the ball travels over the end line. In 3v3 & 4v4 Goal kicks may be taken from any point along the end line and 6v6 Goal kicks will taken from your defensive penalty box.

Kick-Offs may be taken in any direction. You cannot score directly from a kick off (ball must be 100% over the mid-line to be considered on the offensive half of the field).

Dead Ball Restarts including corner kicks and fouls, are indirect. In all ball situations, defending players must stand at least five yards away from the ball. If the defensive player's goal area is closer than five yards away, the ball shall be placed five yards from the goal crease line with the place of the foul.

Penalty Kicks
shall be awarded if, in the referee's opinion, a scoring opportunity was nullified by the infraction. It is a direct kick taken from the mid-line with all players standing behind the mid-line.

Substitutions may be made on any stoppage of play, except free kicks and penalty kicks. Teams must gain the referees attention before making a substitution. A game ball is to be provided each team.

Crease Rule for 3v3 & 4v4 Players cannot stand inside the crease. Players may pass through the crease; however there cannot be any contact with the ball inside the crease. If the defending team touches the ball in the crease, the offensive team will be awarded a goal. If an offensive player touches the ball within the crease, a goal kick is awarded to the defensive team. If the ball comes to stop inside the crease and play is dead a goal kick is awarded to the defensive team.

Scoring a goal may be scored only from a touch within a team's offensive half of the field. The ball must be completely on the offensive half of the field, and cannot be touching the mid-line. If a goal is scored from the defending half of the field, a goal kick is awarded to the opposing team.

Cautioned Players (Yellow Card) Players that receive two yellow cards in one game will result in a red card. Any player accumulating three yellow cards during a three game series will be suspended for their next game.

Player Ejections (Red Card): Referees have the right to eject a player, coach, or parent from the game. If a player on the field is ejected, the team must complete the game minus one player on the field (ie 3v3 would have to play with 2 players if a player was ejected). Substitutions may still take place, but the offending team will still be minus one player on the field. The player receiving the red card will automatically be suspended for their next game (No Exceptions). Players, coaches, or parents whom are ejected by the referee must leave the field and area around the field. The game will not restart until the opposing player, coach, or parent has been removed, yet the game clock will continue. If the player, coach, or parent refuses to leave, the game may be forfeited in favor of the opposing team. All referee decisions are final.

Golden Card: To cultivate important but often-forgotten aspects of the game, such as fair play and sportsmanship toward opponents, team-mates and the referee, each team receives the opportunity to present the referee with one golden card, with the name of a player written on it, at the end of the game. The player named must always be from the opposite side. In case nobody has demonstrated good sportsmanship, no card is handed to the referee. At the end of each season, the player who received the most cards from opponents is considered sportsman of the season.

Good Sportsmanship must be used by players and coaches, and spectators at all times.

Coaches: No coach or parent is allowed on the playing field during the game. As much as you want to help out, game time is when you want to allow the kids to 'play' the game. Let them use what you've taught them during practice. During the game, the kids begin to learn and explore soccer on their own and make their own mistakes. The desire for this 4 v 4 league is for the players to make their own decisions and not act as little robots that continually look to the coach for their next move. During the game you the coach should note what needs to be corrected and at the next practice or after the game make suggestions to the player. 'Trailing' the kids during the game actually detracts from their development. We understand that they may need assistance during restarts and getting the ball back into play. The referee is instructed to be instrumental in that aspect. Please also note that no coach or parent is permitted behind the goals. Any coach promoting a pseudo-keeper and not involving the child in the game can and will be reported to the 4 Foot soccer staff.

Referee: The refereeā€™s job is to keep the playing environment FUN, SAFE and focused on the child. Duties are the same as a Referee under FIFA Laws of the Game: keep time, enforce rules, stop and restart play. When you stop play for a foul or other reason, take the time to explain to the players WHY! This is their first experience with 4v4 soccer, too, and the best time to educate all on the Laws of the Game.

Parents: Parents are encouraged to allow the children to play freely. Your role in 4 v 4 soccer is to provide the players with an environment that is safe and fun; hook them on the game. Free play in a limited area propels players into a high number of one against one match-ups which develops skill. Basically, whoever is nearest, whether attacking or defending, does the job. The game is the teacher. Without a goalkeeper, every player takes shots with great frequency. Watch closely. Children like to score goals! With less structure and fewer rules, children are free to play and learn about a great game.

Ball Size: U8 will use a No. 3 ball for competitions. The No. 4 ball will be used for U10-U16. The No. 4 ball is recommended by the World Health Organization, or WHO, for health reasons, and by the world of football, to facilitate youth soccer players in their acquisition of technical skills and for them to achieve a superior tactical learning.


Register For 4Footsoccer Spring 2013 League Now!

Friday, March 22
All Games Will Be At Brame Middle School.

   All Games Will Now Be At Brame Middle School! Clip and Copy This Link to Watch Videos of 4FootSoccer!














Location: Brame Middle School 4800 Dawn St. Alexandria, LA 71301 


  • Dates for This Year's Spring Season are: June 11th, 13th,  20th, 25th, 27th and 28th.
  • Tuesday & Thursday Evenings! 
  • Click the "Handouts" tab on the left to download a Team Rosters and Schedules
  • You may scan the same pb code to view videos of each of the 4Foot Games and to download Schedules. 

 Please notify friends that all Games will be played at Brame Middle School. 

                      Games will be at: Brame Middle School


Tuesday, Thursday & Friday this Week.

The 4Footsoccer League consists of:

12 Games in 3 Weeks

Play 4v4 

    High School will play 4v4 Games

Start at 6 pm on June 11th


End June 28th!

12 Games in 3 Weeks

Rosters and Schedules located under "Handouts" on the left side of this page! or Register online with Active above! 

 U6 through U10  will play 3v3

U11 through Adult will play 4v4

Games Start at 6:00 to beat the heat!  Schedules will be located under handouts!

How Do I Find my Team? 

1. See handouts: Your child's name will be listed in a roster for a team.  Find the team name on the schedule to see which field he/she will be playing on.  Be 20 to 30 minutes early to get T-Shirts on the first day (June 11th, 2013).

4Footsoccer Spring Season

Dates: Tuesday/Thursday (Brame Middle School)

June 11th, 13th, 20th, 25th, 27th, & 28th  

*** Important***  

12 Games!  2 Games Each Day - No Practice

Fun & Fast!

U11-U15 play 4v4

Adults will play 4v4

 Registion has closed for 2013

See "Handouts" for Schedules

$75.00 / Player


3446 Masonic Dr.

Alexandria, LA 71301

Questions email 4Footsoccer@gmail.com or call (318) 880-0058

Watch Soccer Aerobics!  Skills League!

Soccer Aerobics Video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwa0-2XlCc0

 Up Coming Tournaments!

Sign up for 4Footsoccer to practice for 3v3 Tournaments!  Get Ready for 4Foot Spring League by playing 3v3 May 11th and 12th, 2013 at the Five Star Sports Complex in Colony Texas. - Receive a national ranking or just have fun.   Go to "Links" on left of page and click "Kick It" or go to www.kickit.com ! 


 True Story- Do you need a coach to learn the "Game"? Cut and Paste Link:  http://www.flixxy.com/panyee-football-club.htm


4Footsoccer lets "The Game" be the teacher!  More shots, more battles for the ball, more passes!  Fast pace and lots of fun!  12 Games in 3 Weeks - No Practice!

All Forms can be downloaded under the "Handouts" tab.

  • U6 - U10 play 3v3
  • U11-Adult play 4v4
 Please take the time to watch the Hockey Coach explain how to develop soccer players (video link below)!

Application: Go to Handouts! 

Watch: 4Foot Slide Show listed under "Handouts".

Parents/Coaches please take the time to clip and copy links to the video's listed below.  There is also a coaching manual that can be downloaded at no charge.  Great information!

Thursday, November 12

New Video on Player Development!

Soccer Aerobics Videohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwa0-2XlCc0

 4v4 Tournament Video:  http://4footsoccer.smugmug.com/Sports/Video/Video/13616252_rzRhy#993445613_Rx9gY 
 Watch Basketball Coach Winning vs Skill Development! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kz9jTOAMTtk 

All Coaches that work with children should watch these videos!

4Footsoccer Now Offers a 4v4 League for High School & Adult Players!  Play on fields slightly larger than U8 Fields for U16 - Adult. Video of Adults and High School Adult Soccer Video  http://4footsoccer.smugmug.com/Sports/4Footsoccer-7v7-Tourney-2010/13617112_pAexr#993514338_nFZPd

New 4v4 LEAGUE for High School & Adults! 


Don Lucia, a hockey coach explaining the same coaching philosophy that 4Footsoccer is based upon: take the time to watch:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFsF0Z9EKDg

2013 Summer Camp Info can be found @ www.crossroads-soccer.com

If you have any questions please call (318) 880-0058 or email 4footsoccer@gmail.com 

Mail Applications to:


3446 Masonic Dr.

Alexandria , LA 71301

            4Footsoccer is now on Facebook!


Contact: (318) 452-0749, (318) 880-0058

Email:    4Footsoccer@gmail.com

  Schedules for 4Footsoccer League will be posted by Sunday night of each week.  Every effort will be made to match teams of equal skill level.  

The 2012 Spring 4Footsoccer Skills Development League Was A Success! 

The 2013 Spring League play will consist of 12 games played every Tuesday & Thursday evenings.

Rec & Comp U6-U10 3v3; U11-Adult play 4v4;  

High School & Adults 4v4 on Fields slightly larger than U8 Fields!        

Brief Description

Create a Team


Season Dates 


Spring League Fee



Roster Size

Team roster sizes have been kept small to ensure more touches on the ball and more playing time for each child. U6-U10 Division Roster size 5; U11 and above Roster size 6; (U6 - Adult will play a total of 12 games per season! U6-U8 will play 20 min halves with U10 and above playing 25 min halves. High School & Adults will play 25 min halves. All games will be at Johnny Downs Sports Complex, Alexandria, LA 71303

If players do not wish to be randomly assigned to a team and want to register on line with a credit card, please have a coach or parent establish a team name beginning with the age division i.e. "U12 E-Lemon-Ators".  Once the team name has been registered players will be able to select this team from a drop-down box during the registration process.  Team names will no longer appear in the drop-down box once the maximum roster size for that age division has been reached (U6 -10 5 players, U11- Adult- 6 players). 

Registration 2012 has Started! Games Begin June 11th           

First Game is June 11th, every Tuesday/Thursday Evening. 

    Email questions to: 4footsoccer@gmail.com


Refunds are available until June 11th, 2013. 


Payments will be returned to any applicant that cannot be placed on a team because the age divisions were filled. If a parent requests reimbursement in writing and the written notification is received prior to the first Tuesday of scheduled games, a full refund will be issued. No refund will be given after the start of season play.

Players must be at least 5 years of age by August 1st , 2013 through adult. U6-High School. 

Team rosters will be restricted to 8 players in the under U6-U10 divisions with U11-Adult restricted to a roster of 10 players.   Goal is player development.  

Check out the 4footsoccer video by clicking on the link below or you can watch it on youtube.com by clicking on the link found on the "links" tab on the left toolbars.

preview KALB 4FootSoccer
Handout: Soccer Aerobics Handout 2011

Friday, March 22
League Information

Download the follwing information from the Handouts section:

League Dates: June 11th - June 27th 2013 (Games Tuesday/Thursday) Please call with any questions (318) 880-0058. 
League Games:  Will be played at:   Johnny Downs Sports Complex! 


Ages: Players must be at least 5 years old by August 1, 2013; through Adult. 

Questions call (318) 880-0058 or email 4footsoccer@gmail.com  

Roster size:     U6-U10 rosters limited to 8 players. (3v3)

                      U10-Adult rosters limited to 10 players (4v4) 

                      Adult -High School rosters limited 12 players (4v4 on Slightly Larger Fields) 

Game Day:  Each team (U6 - Adult) will play 2 games every Tuesday / Thursday evening.

                      U6- 12 min halves with 2 min half time

                    U8- U10: 20 min halves with 2 min half time 

                              U11-Adult 25 min halves with 2 min half time

                      Adult - High School: 20 min halves with 2 min half time 

Practice:  No practice’s, recommend only a few minutes of practice prior to the games on Tuesday/Friday.  No Weekends!  Beat the Heat!     

             Organized street ball with little coaching-let the kids play soccer! 

Register by mail or with credit card online:  Team or individually   

Regular Pricing: $75.00 For 2013 Spring Skill Development League - (Team T-Shirts will be ordered for the Spring League) 

Sibling Discounts:  $10 for 1st sibling, $15 for 2nd sibling and $20 for all others. 



Sunday, January 13

7 Requirements For Developing More Creative Players 

1)    Declare war against the 11v11 game.  The 11v11 game, which has stunted the vigorous development of young soccer players for many years, should be replaced by another type of competition tailor-made for younger players.  Games like mini-soccer (3v3 on four goals) 4v4 with no offsides allow for adequate frame for children to express their creativity and inspiration in a healthier environment: an environment that does not contain the stress of the 11v11 game with its adult-oriented rules.

2)    Use more games and fewer analytical exercises. Practice should happen in a game context.  “The game itself is the best teacher”  Children should be exposed to more game plays and less practice with the analytical method.

3)    Let the kids play without correcting them permanently.  When playing, it is not always necessary for young soccer players to know the specific learning objectives of a practice.  The learning objectives are always important for the coach but not for the players.  Players should frequently have the opportunity to just play, or play just for fun, without having any specific learning as a main objective. We should not forget that one essential part of the game is its unpredictability. This explains why the game is so fascinating for kids. Friedrich Schiller states perfectly the vital meaning of playing games: “The human feels and behaves like a human when he plays.”

4)    Children should have the chance to play all positions and in reduced space.  Young soccer players should have the opportunity to play in various positions in order to discover the roles and functions that these positions characterize.  Experimenting with play in different positions stimulates creativity. The problem of positional experimentation can be solved with a competition with fewer players, in a reduced space.  These types of activities stimulate creativity, while the full game on the regular soccer pitch, only tire the young players physically and intellectually, limiting their creative play.

5)    Only those who enjoy the game can be creative individuals. When children play, they should have fun and be excited by the game.  If young players do not identify themselves with the game proposed by the coach, the creative capacity will remain dormant.  The more the players enjoy the game and the ball, the more that playing stimulates the development of a creative way of interpreting soccer.

6)    Dare to risk and improvise without fearing the consequences.  Young players should not be pressured by their coach to quickly pass the ball in order to allow better team play and winning.  Young players who treat the ball as their best friend and often do their own thing are frequently more creative than those who accept what the coach demands.  They should be allowed to improvise their play and take risks without fearing the possible consequences of having committed a mistake or to have lost possession of the ball.  That is why young players should practice and play as often as possible without the presence of coaches (in the street, in the park or in the courtyard).  4v4 should be an opportunity for players to tryout their moves and be creative. Players should feel comfortable, to explore their innate potential without the fear of getting criticized when committing mistakes.

7)    Place more importance on training the right hemisphere of the brain.  Once young children enter school, the left hemisphere of the brain (where logical thinking, mathematical reasoning and verbal expression are located) is mainly the one getting stimulated. The development of creative potential needs a systematic stimulation of the right hemisphere of the brain. That is why in school as in soccer training, “Open” tasks are needed more than ever that demand young people be creative and to find a solution of their own to any given problem.