4S Ranch Little League: Umpires

4SRLL 2014 Fall Umpire Schedule   

Do not sort or filter the sheet. Others will see your changes. Each manager will receive a copy of the schedule in Excel format. You can then sort/filter all you want. Close the file when you are done. Make changes only to the Plate and Base columns to indicate who will be umpiring the games your team is responsible for. Youths must enter (Y) at the end of their name.

4S Ranch Little League 2014 Adult Umpire Program (100% Volunteer)

• Adult umpiring is open to all over the age of 18. Adult Umpires are 100% volunteer.

• Volunteer Applications for each season are available on our documents section. These will be required for all umpires 18 and older.

• If you are interested in Umpiring for the Spring Season, please contact the Head UIC noted in the "Contact Us" section.

Youth Umpires

• Program is called Youth Up-PiDy (Umpire Pay Per Diem).

• Youth umpiring is open to all ages 11 to 17.

• Your past experience will determine what division you will be eligible to umpire in.

• LA 11 can do AA games only.

• LA 12 can do AAA and AA.

• LA 13 can do Majors, AAA and AA.

• LA 14 can do Intermediate, Majors, AAA and AA.

• LA 15 and older can do Juniors, Intermediate, Majors, AAA and AA

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