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Monday, September 17
World Cup!!! USA, USA!!
Abby Wambach

It's here and in full swing!  How many games have you seen!

US Women's Soccer - Home.
ESPN Soccer Net.

Monday, June 4
Fox Soccer Channel - Watch Some Soccer!
No excuses any more! Here are links to Fox Soccer Channel, TV listings, etc. The times may be Eastern Standard Time, but all you have to do is subtract 3 hours.

Fox Soccer Home.
This Week on Fox Soccer. (My Favorite!)
This Week on Fox Soccer. (Printable PDF)
FSC - Selected telecasts for the next 8 days.

Monday, September 11
Soccer Videos!
USL Highlights and Goals of the Week

    Goal of the Week, Week 20.   "From Coach Bill: Mids, pay particular attention to the space of the second midfield. Note how when the ball is passed back. The mid DOES NOT move forward or attack to take away his own space, instead he just lofts a ball over the top to an attacking forward."

    Goal of the Week, Week 4.   "Amazing distance on this shot..."

A Bunch of Soccer Videos - Joga.com

Ronaldinho - Amazing!

Great save! Woof!

Velocity goalies - Here's one more skill for your bag of tricks.

Customs Soccer

George Best Video

Saturday, December 9
USSoccer.com - Videos
Coach Bill wanted you all to check this out! Look for the video titled "U-20 WNT Ball Tricks Battle."
USSoccer.com Video - Ball Tricks Battle

USSoccer.com Photos and Videos
USSoccer.com Home

Thursday, March 8
Fantastic French Skills , from Coach Bill
Coach's Comment: "Everyone can see the tremendous quickness of the attacker, but notable is when the defender finally decides to take a stab at the ball - the forward quickly disposes of him... Timing is everything." Click here.