3Rivers VELOCITY: Soccer 101

Wednesday, June 20
The Size of the Wall
This diagram shows the recommended number of players needed in a wall at a certain distances/locations from goal.

Numbers in Wall

Thursday, July 6
Soccer Nutrition and Hydration
Parents and players, required reading! Please click here to go to a site that describes the "second half slump" from a nutrition point of view. Could this explain what happened in the 2nd half of our championship game in Portland?

Other soccer nutrition links from this site and others:
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Fluid Replacement

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Sunday, May 14
USL Highlights and Goals of the Week - from USLsoccer.com. See notes from Coach Bill!
USL Logo
VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS - Exclusive highlights from USLsoccer.com.   USL Highlights and Goals of the Week

Goal of the Week 3 - Fabian Sandoval (Miami)
Note how the shooter doesn't dribble, doesn't take on the defender, just shoots! The pass is a set up for a first touch shot.

Goal of the Week 1 - Petter Villegas (Puerto Rico)
Girls, replay this a few times checking out the combination play of the forward, central mid and outside mid. A text book check-in from the forward, drop to the central mid, with a 3rd man running outside mid into the space created because the forward checked back!! Exactly what we were beginning to work on at Friday's practice. When we have more of the team there, we will incorporate the outside mids into the attack!!

Goals - Examples on Attacking
FORWARDS PAY ATTENTION!! You don't just run forward for the team to score. Outside MID also pay attention - YOU can get in on the action!! This clip has a great couple of goals. An nice header and some good combination play but the best example is their 3rd goal, a run where the outside mid (#9) comes across the field and exploits the area in behind the forwards. I want the girls to replay this over and over with our forwards paying particular attention to how the forwards show back to the ball and then the central mid fielder plays a great through ball into the out side mid who's MAKING A RUN inside!! This is a fantastic goal I believe it's number 3 goal out of 5 on this video.

Tuesday, April 25
Soccer 101 Notes Added to Velocity Documents
The Soccer Terms and Communications document, discussed in last Sunday's Soccer 101 class, has been added to the Velocity Info area. Click this link to go there.