2012 Team Gallardo: Coaching

Head Coach - Shawn Gallardo: Shawn has been the head coach of summer and fall teams from 2003 through 2011 at the 14A through 18A levels. During that time he also served as the head coach for his son's little league team and head coach of the Soquel High JV and Varsity teams. Shawn has more than 20 years of fastpitch coaching experience.

Team History: During the last eight summer seasons Shawn's teams have played in the ASA NorCal State Championships, various national qualifiers, Regional championships and the Western Nationals.

Player Expectations: We prefer to carry a small roster so playing time is not spread too thin. Our typical player is a very competitive individual who wants to play as much as possible, continue to learn and improve, and be on a team that goes deep on Sundays. Several of our players have played at the gold level and have chosen to join our team after firming up their college plans.

Pitcher Expectations: We don't think of pitchers as just ball delivery machines. We prefer to fill our pitching staff with good all-around players who are able to pitch. We don't automatically DH for pitchers to force them to focus on their pitching. Instead, we give our pitchers the opportunity to earn spots in the batting order. Most of our pitchers regularly play other positions when they are not pitching (if they earn it, of course).

Hitter Expectations: If a player's swing works well then we will not change it just because we have a cookie-cutter mentality. On the other hand, if a player is looking for help at the plate, we are typically able to maximize a player's power while improving her average.

Shawn is willing to discuss his coaching philosophy and style with players and/or parents. Anyone wishing to contact him about the subject of coaching may do so at the conclusion of any practice.