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Monday, September 6
Fall 2010 Practice Schedule is out

Practices for the Fall Red Sox are scheduled for Wednesdays at 5:15 at Frances Hazel Reid ES AND Fridays at 5:30 at Simpson Middle School Field #3.  There is one practice scheduled for Saturday 9/11/10 at Simpson Middle School Field #3 from 1:30 - 3:00 PM.

 See you there!


Wednesday, September 1
Fall Red Sox Team WELCOME


      If you are reading this note it is because you have been assigned to the fall roster of the Red Sox.

My name is Jay Wenzler and I, along with Kim Hardman and John Callahan are the coaches of the 10U Red Sox.  We started this team in 8U and moved them up to 10U this past spring.  This will be out 6th season  we have been in existence so I say to our newcomers, "Welcome!" and to our returning players "Welcome back!"


      You as parents have some duties to fulfill and they start with this email.  I need your feedback and confirmation on the following items:


1) Player Numbers: (please note that returning players have first claim on some numbers so please provide at least 3 choices!!!)


2) Uniform sizes:


3) Preferred email address to be used for contact - sometimes schedules will change so BE SURE to pick the one that you use the most


4) Your thoughts on practice night - we will practice 1 night a week in the fall.  I don't have any information on games yet but if its like the other fall seasons 1 night a week is all we will be able to do!  For now I can tell you that Mondays and Thursdays are out.  I suggest Tuesday as the prime night but can consider Wednesday or Friday.


5) Practice location - We are pretty much at the mercy of the scheduler who who usually drives himself nuts by trying to balance the number of fields and the time of year so that everyone gets to practice and play.  Its a very hard job - but keep your fingers crossed and let me know what you think please!!!


6) level of experience - Who is new to 10U?  Who is new to softball?  Who has played before?


Anyhow, thats all for now.  There is a coaches meeting tomorrow where we'll learn more so you will hear from me again at that time.


For now, thanks for reading this and getting back to me within the next 24 hours.


thanks very much and again,




Coach Jay

Cell (571.246.8589)


Tuesday, September 7
Red Sox Game Schedule is OUT

The Red Sox game Schedule is out.  The schedule can be viewed in the calendar mode or schedule (under games) mode.  If you need directions to the field, view in schedule mode (under games) and click on the field name.