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Sunday, August 7
Playoff Schedule (Final)

Game 1 and Game 2...  Aug 2-4 Time TBA and hosted by the team higher in the standings

                1A...Byron(14) @ DelKoMB(15) Tues Aug 2 at Komoka Front 6:00 pm

                2A...South #2(11) @ Strathroy #1(12)  Wed Aug 3 at Strathroy (York St) 6:00 pm

                1B...Oakridge #1 (19) @ Southwest #1 (12)  Thurs Aug 4 at Southdale #1 6:00 pm

                2B..South #1(5) @ Strathroy #2(6) Wed Aug 3 at Strathroy (York St) 6:00 pm

Game 3A ....Fri Aug 5 6:00 pm at Komoka    and    Game 3B...Friday Aug 5 8:00 pm at Komoka

                3A.... W1A(DelKoMB)  vs W2A(Strathroy #1)  Fri Aug 5 at Komoka 6:00 pm

                3B... W1B (Oakridge #1... 8) vs W2B (Strathroy #2...7)    Fri Aug 5 at Komoka 8:00 pm 

Game 4....Sat Aug 6 10:00 am at Kom/Del

               4A... L1A(Byron....7)  vs L2A(South #2...3) Sat Aug 6 at Komoka 10:00 am

               4B... L1B (Southwest #1...7) vs L2B(South #1...0) Sat Aug 6 at Delaware 10:00 am

Game 5....Sat Aug 6 1:00 pm at Kom/Del

               5A... L3A (Strathroy #1) vs  W4A (Byron) Sat Aug 6 at Komoka 2:00 pm 

              5B... L3B(Strathroy #2) vs W4B(Southwest #1) Sat Aug 6 at Delaware 1:00 pm 

Game 6....Sun Aug 7 11:00 am at Kom/Del

              6A... W3A (DelKoMB...6) vs W5A(Strathroy #1...8) Sun Aug 7 at Komoka 11:00 am

              6B... W3B(Oakridge #1...0) vs W5B (Strathroy #2...10) Sun Aug 7 at Delaware 11:00 am

Game 7 (if necessary)...Sun Aug 7 2:00 pm at Kom/Del

              7A...DelKoMB defeats Strathroy #1 in the Final

              7B...Strathroy #2 defeats Oakridge #1 in the Final


All Scheduling is Subject to Weather Conditions

Saturday, July 16
4-Team Double Elimination Tournament Format

Saturday, July 16
Mosquito HL Playoff Tournament Rules

  • regular season rules apply except the following
    • For playoffs, each team to supply 1 new ball for each game
    • In the interest of time, no infield practice will be allowed for playoff games
    • The Home team for each game will be the team who finished higher in the standings based on % points.  The home team will designate an official scorer for each game and that person will be the official timekeeper and will submit the official score and the innings pitched/pitcher to the official tournament scorer at either Delaware Main, Komoka or MB Arena.  (Note: please confirm the score with the other team before submitting the score)
    • subject to time curfew, games shall be 6 innings in length – 7 runs per inning except in 6th or last inning.  All games will be subject to a 1hr 45 min curfew(unless the teams are tied) except the final championship game(s).   Championship games will not be subject to time curfew.
    • No ties…All games must produce a winner.  If a game is called due to diamond conflict, darkness or inclement weather it will be treated as a suspended game and continued to completion as soon as possible (hopefully the next day)
    • No team will be asked to play more than 3 games in one calendar day without the consent of the team
    • Pitching rules…
      • 9 consecutive outs in a game (per Mosquito HL regular season rules)
      • OBA tournament pitching rules apply …see below  (note…innings pitched on Tuesday or Wednesday in the preliminary round will not count toward the 14 inning tournament maximum.   Only innings pitched on Thursday, Friday through Sunday shall count toward the 14 inning maximum)
 (pre-Pitch Count) Baseball Ontario Rule Q-1 iv) In Minor Mosquito, Mosquito, Mosquito Girls, Minor PeeWee and PeeWee no player shall pitch
  • more than 7 innings on any calendar day and
  • no more than 14 innings in any tournament or series of 4 days or less duration..
  • If a player pitches 5 or more innings in any day he/she cannot pitch the next day. The player must have 2 nights rest.
 Any player who assumes the pitching position in an inning will be charged with an inning pitched. 

Note: (iii and iv) Innings/outs pitched will apply to the calendar day in which they were pitched. The calendar day applies regardless of the tournament schedule, day on which the first round completes, or delays caused by darkness or weather.     

Wednesday, June 22
Mercy Mercy

Just a quick note to clarify the Mercy Rule for Mosquito HL this year.   We will follow the LDBA 2011 Mosquito HL Rule with respect to Game Length

11)  Game Length.........Mercy Rule is 10 runs after 4 innings

and will not be using the Baseball Ontario rule (P2.7) which provides for an 18 run Mercy after 3 innings ...or a 10 run mercy after 5 innings



Tuesday, June 14
Bat dimensions

The Offical Rules of Baseball (ORB) specify in Rule 1.10 (a) that "the bat shall be a smooth, round stick not more than 2.61 inches in diameter at the thickest part and not more than 42 inches in length."

and Baseball Ontario in Rule 2.5 (g) states that "In addition to wooden bats, metal bats shall be allowed in OBA play. Subject to the following sentence, these bats shall meet the dimensional requirements, specified in rule 1:10 of the Official Rules of Baseball. For all Minor Bantam, Bantam, Minor Midget, Midget, Junior and Senior OBA play, only wood bats (including composite wood bats) shall be permitted. Metal/Wood bats are not to be considered wood bats.

The maximum bat diameter changed to 2.61" from 2.75" in 2010.  LDBA (London District Baseball Assoc) is considering this change...but for the purpose of House League play within LDBA this year and until further notice, bats measuring 2.75" are considered legal


Sunday, June 12
Game Length, Curfews and the Last Inning

A quick FYI.  some folks were asking Q's about game length, curfews, last inning, etc....so let me try and summarize (you can find this in the Handouts section of the website)...

  • game length for Mosquito is 1 hr and 45 minutes. 
  • the last inning will be the 7th inning or the inning that starts 15 minutes before curfew.  eg.. game starts at 6:00 pm.   curfew is 7:45 pm.  the last inning will the inning that begins after 7:30 or the 7th inning which ever comes first...couple examples
    • (in the game above) the 5th inning begins at 7:35.  the umpire will declare that inning the last inning.   the 7 run mercy rule is waived in the last inning
    • (in the game above) the 5th inning begins at 7:25 and continues until the last out is made in the bottom of that inning at 7:50.   the game ends and there is no declared last inning
    • (in the game above) the 5th inning begins at 7:35.  the umpire declares this the last inning.  the inning ends at 7:44.  the game is over (even if there is 1 minute left to curfew)

Thursday, May 12
Reporting Game Scores

Just a reminder that when you report your Scores please indicate

Game #   Date       Visiting Team  Score  and    Home Team   Score

10       May 20       Joe's Pizza     8                    Jim's Roofing  6

Wednesday, May 11
Need to Move a Game?
1 – Contact the opposition coach a minimum of 24 hours before the start of the game2 – Contact the Umpire Assignor, Groundscrew Assignor and the Division Convenor a minimum of 24 hours before the game3 – The Home Team is responsible for making arrangements of all rescheduled games.  This is to be completed within one week of the original scheduled game, and at least one week before the earliest offered makeup date.  The home team will offer the visiting team 3 makeup dates with only one of these being on a Saturday or Sunday, with the exception of teams that have Sunday as their home night.  The offered dates will be sent to the visiting coach’s and the Series Convenor’s e-mail.  The visiting coach/team has 72 hours from being offered to accept one of the offered dates.  Failure to accept one of the dates will result in forfeiture of the game to the Home Team.  The Visiting Team will accept by e-mail copying the Series Convenor.  If there is a conflict with all 3 dates, then the Series Convenor will make the decision to have the Home Team provide 2 more dates.   (Playing multiple games in one week, Monday’s following tournaments, etc. are not reasons to refuse dates)” Fines can be levied for violations.4 – Once a game is rescheduled contact the Umpire Assignor, Groundscrew Assignor and Division Convenor.

Tuesday, May 18
Lightning and Baseball don't mix. Know the Rules!!!
vector cartoon illustration of a storm cloud with lightning