Austin Capitol Division Tigers: Welcome


Welcome to the home of the 2006
Austin Tigers
of the
Austin Metro Baseball League
Mgr: Larry Ethun
Asst. Mgr. Matt Lee

  • If you are interested in the opportunity to play baseball with us, please contact Larry Ethun at 512 917-8447.

  •  If you wish you could play competitive baseball again with a group of guys that have the likes of ex-pro, college and Army baseball players on the field, we've got a spot for you.  We have showed the league perennially, that we are a team that can beat anyone, anytime!  Our pitchers hail from programs like Southwest Texas State University, Texas Christian University, Texas Tech., Army, Cal State Fullerton and Texas A&M.  We pride ourselves on our ability to lay down a timely bunt as well as knocking the horsehide right off of the pill!  We absolutely LOVE the game and it shows on the field!  We play a fun brand of baseball that everyone will enjoy, so bring your family and friends out to watch!  You won't be disappointed.