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14U St. Louis Marauders
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St. Louis Marauders
Steph Ponder
1460 Megan Heights
Pevely, Missouri
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287. - Posted July 17, 2005 1:38AM
Hey girls you all are probably wondering why im not on the team anymore and its because of myself i didnt follow some of my parents rules and they made me quit im really sorry for letting you all down i hope you girls kick some butt in that St.Charles tournament.(im so mad i cant play in it i live in st.charles lol)but this is definitly a lesson learned i hope you girls also take that florsant trophy (1st place) home so you girls get out there and kick heats butt.
          luv ya all see ya l8er!

286. - Posted May 27, 2005 10:48AM
00*~*Miss Piggy*~*00
Hello everybody, Im over at Farttanys! Y doesnt ne ever sign this guestbook nemore?! Welll umm....good job ladies on Wednesday, except Britt n all u cuz u guys werent there!! lol! But ummm...garsh I cant wait til Columbia! Its gunna sooooo fun lol! But I dont no what else to put so bye bye ttyl cyaaaaa on Tuesday maybe!

285. - Posted April 15, 2005 5:59AM
Coach Mom

Way to go last night girls! You really proved yourselves!
I am very proud of each and every one of you! Keep your heads up and let's go into this tournament tomorrow with confidence and kick some butts!

284. - Posted April 5, 2005 4:03PM

hello!!!whats up noting so bored!! i cant wait till tomorrow were gunna beat the stealth!!! lol i cant wait til the season starts!! were gunna kick butt!! LOL!!well im gunna go! c u all tomorrow!

283. - Posted April 2, 2005 8:56PM
Hi guys its Emily, Im over at Brittanys house! Its real boring, lol just joking we r having a good time, she says Hi! Well I guess I will go!

282. - Posted February 7, 2005 7:33PM

Hello whats up? nothing much here.. i dont think im doing anything fro sure this weekend so maybe we can hangout!! iight bye

281. - Posted February 6, 2005 8:36PM
00*~*Miss Piggy*~*00

Hey guys whats up? Nmhjc at Briannes! Hey Brittany, wat r u doing this weekend?? Call me maybe we can do something, ummm we need more pictures up n here lol!! But neways...hows everybody? Thats cool I guess.. well Im gunna go cuz I have nothing else to say...bye bye

280. - Posted January 27, 2005 3:52PM

i asked him he was yeha prolly! CALL ME ON FIRDAY! BYE

279. - Posted January 24, 2005 4:51PM
00*~*Miss Piggy*~*00
Hey guys!! Whats up? Thats cool! Im the big 1 5 now lolol! But I cant get my permit :( lol cuz of my grades! But o well! Yeah Britt dont 4get to ask bout next Saturday! But I g2g bye bye

278. - Posted January 21, 2005 1:52PM
00*~*Miss Piggy*~*00
Hey guys whats up? Im at skewl!! Im sooo bored! We r doing a project on some guy named Harry Harlow! But neways, Happy Bday Stef A.(1 day late)!!! Umm Brittany Call me tonite!! I need to no what time ur coming over n dont 4get to ask ur dad bout next weekend!!! Sooo... Yeah I g2g bye bye!!!
O n I love the pictures!!! lol

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14U St. Louis Marauders
14U St. Louis Marauders

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