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Summer Basketball Leagues

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6th, 7th, 8th and 9th Grade Girls

@ Pius XI High School


5th Grade Girls

@ St Dominic Elementary School


4th Grade Girls

@ St. Jude Elementary School


College League

@ Alverno College - Sundays

Small Spinning Basketball

New! . . . . Women's College Workouts and Game play:  email Mary  mairzhoop@aol.com

Youth and High School Leagues listed below: 4th - 9th/JV B

~7th grade girls play on Mondays beginning June 9th, 2014

~ 6th grade girls play on Tuesdays beginning June 10th, 2014

~ 8th grade girls play on Wednesdays beginning June 11th, 2014

~ 9th/JVB grade girls play on Thursdays beginning June 12th, 2014

~5th grade girls play on Mondays and Tuesdays at St Dominics beginning June 9th, 2014

~4th grade girls play on Mondays at St Judes beginning June 9th, 2014

~ No league the week of  June 30th - July 3rd   Holiday Week

~ No league for 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th/JVB July 23rd - 26th

~ League will be on for 4th and 5th grade:  Week of July 23rd - 26th

~ League play continues through the week of July 31st  for 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th/JVB

~ Going into 6th grade Boys:  Email Mary for information 

~ Grade is determined by the student’s grade as of September, 2014

~ Space is limited (16 teams per grade level) 

~ Each team will play twelve games.

~ Each team will play two games per night.

~ Schedules are final, no changes will be made.

Small Spinning Basketball

~ Games consist of two, twenty-minute halves, running clock stops the last 1 minute of each half.

~ One time-out per half.

~ Three minute half time.

~ Overtime will be sudden death (first team to score 2 points)

~ Game times are at 6:00pm, 6:50pm, 7:40pm, and 8:30pm

~ Two certified referees will be provided for each game.

~ Teams must provide their own uniforms

~ Teams must provide a scorer or timekeeper (one per team)

~ Teams are responsible for bringing their own balls for warm-ups

Small Spinning Basketball

~ Cost per team: $650.00

~ All games will be played in Air-Conditioned Facilities

~ Concessions will be provided – No carry ins!!

~  NOTE: This is a no forfeit league. If you are going to be short players, let me know in advance, and plan on coming with the kids you have. I will help you find players to play that game. This will be better than getting to the gym and not having a game. No standings are kept.

Small Spinning Basketball

~To reserve a spot in the league, email Coach Mary and she will send you the attachment.

~Any questions email or call: Mary Nellen at mairzhoop@aol.com  or  414.418.3972

1 on 1 Handle The Rock
Summer League - For Individual
Registration for 1on1 Teaching Hoops Summer Program for Individual players is now open. I will be hosting teams at each grade level. These are grades based on going into, for fall of 2015.  I will take 10 players per team.
Teams will be for girls going into 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th/JVB level.
I will coach be coaching one team and then I have other coaches who will coach if we have more than one team. We will all practice together.
The interest of players wanting to sign up as individuals to play for 1on1 has grown tremendously. I am happy to take as many kids as I can provide quality coaching for. That being said your daughters may play for any of the following coaches. I am very selective of whom I choose to coach in 1on1. All of my coaches have experienced the 1on1 way and have worked under me for enough years that they are able to get across the same philosophy as I do with a very positive, fun approach. We all work together but when it comes to game time, I let my coaches manage their teams. I am confident in my staff and hope that you will trust my judgement.

Shawna Nicols: a high school All American (Pius XI), a Badger (2 years then medically red-shirted and out 4 years), finished her eligibility at the D2 level (only because she was too old for D1) and has recently returned from playing professional ball in Holland. Shawna brings a lot of excitement to the gym and her ability to show and do the drills at a high level is impressive.  Shawna also does all of our Elite training for the athletes who are projected to play in college, current college and professional players.  The kids love Shawna as Shawna is still a kid at heart.
Frank Nellen : Frank is a Phy Ed Teacher at  Irving Elementary school in West Allis and has extensive background working with kids of all ages. Frank is/was a stellar athlete. He played college football but his knowledge of basketball is very good. (he's learned from the best..LOL) Frank has been with 1on1 since the start and clearly gets the concept. He loves to teach the system and watch it unfold as the summer goes on. His only regret is that I did not have this system in place when he was growing up.
Nikki Nellen: Nikki recently graduated from Lewis University with a degree in Graphic Arts and painting.  She earned a full basketball scholarship and was the starting  point guard (shooter) for Lewis.  Nikki set the all time school record for assists!  She is now the graduate assistant and graphic designer for Marquette University Women's Basketball Team.  Nikki  grew up in the 1on1 system and is now old enough to give back and teach the kids what she knows. She is very excited to work with the girls, and the kids seem to love Nikki !
Gaby Bronson:  Gaby will graduate this semester from Parkside University where she earned a scholarship and was starting guard for Parkside. Gaby earned many awards including First Team All Conference her senior year.  Gaby still continues to train as she is aspiring to play professional ball overseas.  Gaby also grew up in the 1on1 system and does a really great job teaching it to our younger kids.  The kids LOVE her !!
Katie Ellerson:  Katie graduated from the University of Evansville in Elementary Education.  She used her full ride basketball scholarship to get that degree!  She had a great career and is now teaching 3rd grade in Burlington.  1on1 started just as Katie was ready to leave for college, but she got a solid year of training with us. She understands the system, she's a great teeacher and she knows how players are supposed to be treated !(and yes, her Dad is Gary Ellerson: former Badger and Packer).  Katie loves the game and she loves little kids!  She will be a great coach.
Chloe Tompkins:  Chloe attended Kettle Moraine HS and is now playing at Northern Michigan University where she recieved a full scholarship.  She opted to red-shirt her first year as there we so many upper classmen.   This upcoming season Chloe is expected to see the floor and be a major contributer.  Chloe is a natural teacher and adores little kids.  Caoching is definitely in her future.
Emma Melotik:    Emma attended Kettle Moraine HS and is now a sophomore at Oshkosh University.  As a freshman Emma played a lot of minutes and this season she is expected to contribute a lot to a very talented team.  We can wait to watch her play.   Emma coached our 5th graders last summer and was fantastic.  She understands the 1on1 way and teaches it very well.  The little kids just love Emma ! 
 Katie Finn:   Katie is an Oak Creek grad and now a sophomore at William Jewel University where she earned a full scholarship.  Katie got a lot of playing time on a very talented team this past season.  Her ability to shoot the 3's earned her a lot of time on court.  Her sophomore year is going to be exciting!  Katie is a 1on1 girl and also understands how it is supposed to be taught.  
Ahsley Pitrof:  Ashley is a Pius XI grad and also is a sophomore at William Jewel University where she earned a scholarhip.  Ashley got some playing time her freshman year and has worked really hard this summer as she wants to play more!  Ashley is a great 3 point shooter so I know she will find her way onto the court.   This was Ashley's first summer coaching, but she understands the 1on1 way as she played in it for many years as well.  She did a great job with our younger grils this past summer.  
New Coaches:  I will be introducing more new coaches this summer.   As 1on1 players get older and play in college, they are able to come back and coach the little ones during the summer.  I think it is very important to keep growing strong female coaches that will serve as positive role models for the younger girls.  Shawna and I will oversee these young coaches, but feel they are ready to take on teams.   I know the girls will love them ! All of them have spent time helping with the Summer Program and various workouts.  They have all worked out/played  with 1on1 since they were youngsters, and all of them continue to train with Shawna in our Elite Sessions.  They know the system and philosophy well !  All  of our coaches are current or former college athletes. 

These teams are not tryout teams. It is a first come, first serve basis.
The Mission
Work on individual skill development. I am not trying to create super teams.
We play every game to win, because we are competitors.
Every girl will get equal playing time to the best of our ability.
Every girl will get a chance to be in when the game is on the line.
Every girl will get a chance to start.
Every girl will get to handle the ball
Every girl will get to shoot
Every girl will get to post up
Every girl better rebound
Every girl better play defense
Every girl will have fun!
Every girl will get better.
Our offense is free play with rules.
We have a press breaker that serves as an inbound play as well.
Very simple team concepts that we don't spend a ton of time on.
The majority of our time together, including games, is spent improving the individual player by repetitive skill work and teaching of new skills.
I expect the girls to get in the games and try these new skills, even if they are not accomplished.
The goal for the six weeks we have together is to improve as an individual player so no matter where you play next you are able to do whatever the coach asks of you.
We teach kids to become players, not positions.
My summer teams
I have teams in my league that are 1on1 teams. The other teams are from area schools
Sign up is first come, first served. I will do my best to take every kid who wants to play.
Rosters are limited to 10 players to assure playing time and individual attention
Cost: $300
(I base that rate like all my other rates. I charge $10 an hour to work with a player and I now have gym time to pay for which have gone up a lot - no more free time)
They get 1 practice a week (4:00 - 5:30) at Pius
They get to play 2 games a night, once a week.
They get a jersey
Equal playing time
All teams practice together.
Practice is all skill work. I put in our "stuff" the first practice and then it is all player development.
6 weeks of games
7 weeks of practice