1 on 1 Teaching Hoops: Philosophy


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1 on 1 Teaching Hoops, now 1on1 Milwaukee,  was created after numerous conversations with parents, players, and coaches.  We concluded that players need to learn how to "workout" individually in addition to "practicing" team basketball, and spend more time in the gym training and less time playing games. 

Youth sports has offered many opportunities for our kids.  These team oriented opportunities tend to focus on team development as opposed to individual development, and more on game play and winnning than on training.  1 on 1 Milwaukee will teach players what a true workout is all about, and what it means to train and prepare to be the best athlete you can. 

1 on 1 Milwaukee will have players leaving the gym understanding how to spend 1-2 hours working out with the basketball on individual fundamentals and skills.  Workouts are fast paced and intense. Players must show up prepared to work very hard for two hours. Players will learn by doing, not listening to long winded instruction. 
1on1 Milwaukee AAU players and Summer Program players will enjoy the added benefit of game play, but will stay the course when it comes to preparing to play the game.   Our practices look like workouts.  Athletes will be taught to become  "players", not  positions and not play runners.  1on1 will teach players how to feel the game by allowing mistakes, and allowing every player to try everything.   

1on 1 Milwaukee will:
Teach players how to accomplish a basketball workout.
Teach players to "just play the game!".... without plays.
Teach players as many fundamental skills as possible.
Provide levels of play for all kids who want to learn.