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One Nation Basketball.......the RETURN OF THE BALLERS......

Stay tuned for future updates and available leagues......... 


 CTK RailRoaders 2012 D30 League Fall Season 2 Champs!!!!  

Additional rule for D30 (open) League only- Immediately following a defensive rebound, an outlet pass is only allowed to a team mate before the half court line, or a minimum of 2 dribbles must be made by the player that makes the defensive rebound before a pass over the half court line. If a pass is made over the half court line immediately following a defensive rebound, play will stop and said team will keep possession and in-bound from half court to allow other team to set-up on defense.


 Also be advised that anyone, including but not limited to, players, their friends, family members, who are found to be intoxicated or bring any type of alcoholic beverages will not be allowed in the gym, no exemptions. If a person is found to be in this nature in the gym, the player and/or that said person related to the player will be ejected out of the gym and permanently expelled from any "One Nation Basketball" games, tournaments, divisions, open gyms and any related events pertaining to "One Nation Basketball". Please help us keep our games family friendly. Report any such actions, activities, or situations of this nature to the scorer's table or a referee/official.

No Cussing, Swearing, threatening another person, or any type of offensive language. We are at a church gym. I will be informing the referees to be more aggressive on this issue. From now on anyone in the gym will have a warning, then a technical foul, and then a 2nd technical will result in ejection out of the premises. That includes anyone in the gym. So please control your friends and family members. I will not tolerate any more outbursts, whether it be against your own team members, the referees, or anyone in the gym.

Thank you for your cooperation

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