1998 Storm: Tournament Results

Tuesday, August 21
Barrie Spiritfest

Storm vs. Newmarket

The boys came out on fire and never cooled off at all during the match. They unleashed a unprecedented fury of offense and controlled the majority of the possession, most of which was in the opponents end. They truly stuck to our style of play, passing the ball and moving to create space and supporting each other. The Storm's play dazzled several spectators who took note of team-oriented play. 7-0 W.

Storm vs. Erin Mills

We knew we would be in tough against the Defending Champs of the Albert Campbell Tournament. The match started out with both teams being very cautious and feeling out each other. Both teams had their chances, but thanks to strong defensive and keeper play by both sides the score remained deadlocked at 0-0 until just before the half. Erin Mills capitalized on one of our few mistakes to take a 1-0 at the half. At the beginning of the 2nd half the temperature was well into the 30's with both teams feeling the heat. The Storm were down, but definitely not out. They controlled the play during the 2nd half and did everything but put it in the goal. The boys gave it their best and our keeper made the save of the year. He not only made a driving save, he had the presence to recover and punch the ball off the goal line after the rebound shot. It wasn't until the last 2 mins when Erin Mills scored on a free kick against the flow of the game to seal the deal. We came out on the short side of the score sheet but played our best game of the year and that was victory enough for us. 2-0 L.


Storm vs. Bolton

Another tough match against a team from the West. Surely the Storm had given it their all in the previous match and couldn't have anything left in the tank. Boy was that wrong. We controlled the entire match by frustrating them with our passing and tenacity. We spread the field and our defensive pressure was smothering. We took 1-0 lead into the half on a masterfully taken free kick. In the 2nd half we played our same game and pressed for the knockout blow. Bolton's striker completed an amazing run by beating 3 of our players and the keeper to grasp victory from our hands. All and all both teams played great and the result was very fitting. Bolton went onto the finals and lost only 1-0. 1-1 T.

 Storm vs. Brampton

Having qualified for the Quarter Finals our team was looking forward to this match. Not sure if it was the lack of coffee or sleep, but the Storm left their legs in the hotel. Brampton was clearly the best and most complete team we faced all year. Their passing is excellent and they have the ability to use the whole field and will finish if given any space in your area. The match exposed some our problems on defense and served as a lesson as to the level we must climb to. The match was one sided and it got worse as we had to press offensively in order to try to catch up. We're going to take a Mulligan on this one and ensure we never forget the feeling we had at the end of the match because we don't want to feel it again. All and all it was a great weekend. We battled and respectfully represented West Rouge. The best is yet to come from the Storm. 6-0L

Tuesday, August 21

Storm vs. UMSC


The first match of 3 for the day. The humid  weather had letup, but it was sure heated on the field. After last year's UMSC game (5-1 loss), the Storm learned how to play physical soccer. With scouting reports that the same type of play expected, this year's Storm were fully prepared. Both teams battled for each ball and at times tempers flared from both sides due to physical demands of this match. Slide tackles from behind, yellow cards, irate parents, and furious coaches were all a part of this match. The game was dangerously close to getting out of hand. Cooler heads prevailed and the teams continued the battle on the pitch. The Storm scored with 1 minute remaining in the first half on a flurry of pressure resulting in an easy tap in. The 2nd half was even more heated and exciting. With each team pressing and having chances neither could beat the keepers. The star of the match was the Storm's Keeper. He played aggressively snuffing out any attempt from UMSC to play a long ball past our defence by being high in the box. When UMSC had 3 glorious chances to tie the match, our Keeper came up with diving saves and ensured there was no opportunity for 2nd chances. The Storm solidified victory after taking a quick free kick. The keeper was clearly taken off guard only seeing a blur as the cracking shot almost torn the netting.   2-0 W

Storm vs. Southend United - London


After travelling 2 hours up the 401 Southend surely came to play. Unsure of what to expect the Storm decided to come out aggressive and press for the 1st goal. Within the 1st minute the Storm were up 1-0 after playing their patented style of passing and moving. Undaunted by the early goal, Southend came right back by aggressive play from their very talented striker to slip one past the Storm's Keeper. Realizing they were in for a battle the Storm turned it up a notch and never looked back. Their offensive assault was too much and netted them 3 more goals before the half. The 2nd half was much of the same. Southend's striker kept giving our backline fits as be continued to break thru.  His efforts were matched by our keeper who kicked several balls out of his box. Both teams battled but in the end the Storm's offense was able to overpower Southend.   6-1 W


Storm vs. North Toronto


North Toronto was coming in with 2 draws their first matches and had every reason to be confident facing the Storm. This game started exactly  the same as the London match. Off the kickoff the Storm finished off a pretty give and go to jump to a 1-0 lead. Less than 2 minutes later North Toronto scored to even the match after a run by their striker. This seemed to wake up the Storm and they began to pour it on. Our right striker took over this game by single handlely tiring out their backline by his runs up the line. This drew multiple defenders to him and then he was able to cross it to the open man. The Storm marked an important milestone by finally getting a head on a cross in the box to the back of the net. This set the crowd and team into a furry. The defense also shutdown any attempt of any attack. Couldn't have asked for any better play from the Storm this weekend.
  6-1 W

Saturday, July 21
Pickering Green and Gold Tournament

Storm vs. Belleville


On a perfect day for soccer weather wise, the Storm came out and were all business. Within the 1st 5 minutes they were up 2-0 after an aggressive start. After that Belleville seemed to settle down and the play was even for the remainder of the half. Right off the start in the 2nd half Belleville scored to cut the lead to 2-1 and show they came down the 401 to play. This sparked the Storm, who put the match out of reach with 2 more quick goals. Just the start the Storm needed 4-2 W 

Storm vs. Malvern


A re-match of their game within less than a week. The 1st match was closely contested, with the Storm escaping a 2-1 victory. With both teams from the SCARDESO the element of surprise was not possible.  The Storm came out and controlled the beginning of the match, but failed to put one in the goal after many chances. Against the flow of the match, Malvern was able to capitalize on a turnover and group 1-0. Almost right away, the Storm turned up the pressure and were rewarded with a goal. The score at the half was knotted at 1-1. After both teams received their halftime instructions, it was Malvern who seemed hungrier for the ball and scored to make it 2-1. That was the wake up call The Storm needed.. They showed heart and tenacity, within 5 minutes found the back of the Malvern goal twice with strong team play. With the Storm leading 3-2, this set the stage for a fantastic final 10 minutes. Malvern had to take chances and move their players forward in search of the equalizing goal. They got caught and the Storm executed the perfect counter-attack and sealed the game with a 4th goal. The match was a lot closer than the final score line.

4-2 W


Storm vs. Pickering Rangers


This match set up as the battle for 1st in their group and didn’t disappoint. Being the 3rd game for each team that day, both teams didn’t show any signs of letting up. As usual the Storm came out the more aggressive team winning most of the 50-50 balls. Again, they weren’t rewarded with a goal. Just before half the Storm got caught twice on big kicks from the Pickering Keeper, setting up 1 vs.1’s with the keeper. Before they knew it, the Storm were down 2-0. The score stayed the same until the half. The Storm came out after the half and still controlled the game, but again got caught by the long ball and were down 3-0 quickly. Surely, they would pack it in and call it a day. Not this team! They woke up and decided they actually wanted this game. With 7 minutes left they began to dominate and got their 1st goal after a fantastic individual effort from their striker. No time for celebrations. They claimed the ball from the back of the Pickering net and raced it to centre. Within 2 minutes again the Storm beat the Pickering Keeper by a powerful shot from the other striker. The final 5 minutes were classic. The Storm pushed all resources forward and continued to apply the pressure. Pickering also had their chances to put the game out of reach, but couldn’t make it happen. The Storm came painfully close many times, but couldn’t manufacture the equalizer. Pickering came out on top this game and deserved the victory. Sometimes in a loss the boys learn more than a win. This was one of those occasions. They learned to never quit until the game is over. The comeback kids just came up a little short this time. 3-2 L

 Storm vs. Oshawa Kicks



This Storm started this match off the same way they ended Saturday’s play. They dominated the game and only were able to pull ahead 1-0 at the half. The 2nd half was much of the same. However, the Storm got caught napping and a long strike from Oshawa tied it up with 5 mins remaining. The ‘comeback kids’ did their thing and pulled ahead 2-1 with only 1 minute left after a left footed strike. Oshawa wasn’t ready to quit yet and put a scare into the Storm by almost tying the match at the very end    2-1 W

 Storm vs. Ajax Arsenal



Ajax qualified directly to this match after dominating their round robin games. This would be a test for the Storm. Again, as usual, the Storm controlled the start of the game getting the majority of opportunities. Ajax was content to sit back and take their chances on the long ball. Boy did this work. All 3 of Ajax’s goals came off a long kick from the keeper or defenders, catching the Storm’s defense. At the half  3-0. The Storm came out with a better effort in the 2nd half, winning most of the loose balls. However they were only able to parlay this effort into 1 goal.  We came away with a lesson about the dangers of the long ball this game.  3-1 L

 Storm vs. Pickering Rangers


 It was a rematch of yesterday’s close battle. Being the 3rd game for both teams that day, you would have expected two tired teams to cruise thru the game. Not the Storm! They came out on fire and never cooled off. Pickering had very few opportunities in the 1st half as the Storm dominated at both ends. They took a 1-0 lead into the half. It was more of the same in the 2nd half. The Storm lost their keeper after a bloody nose during a fantastic save, which was already their backup keeper. A brave soul stepped up to the challenge without having much experience to fill in as an emergency keeper. He did a great job.  However, Pickering evened the game after an impressive strike from just over the centre half.  The Storm had a few more opportunities to end the match, but painfully missed these chances. Into two 5 minute extra time periods we go. Just before the end of the 1st period, the injured keeper appeared out of nowhere. He declared that a bloody nose wasn’t going to keep him out of the match. He subbed in a left forward. Almost on queue, his first touch had him beat 2 defenders to create space. He then chipped a perfect ball into the right corner, where it was impossible for the keeper to save. 2-1 with only 5 mins left. This deflated the Pickering spirits and this allowed the Storm to put a close to the game by adding another. Their 1st Trophy. Hopefully, the 1st of many.  W 3-1 L    

Monday, July 23
Pickering Green and Gold Tournament

Pickering Green and Gold Tournament - Consolation Champs!

After a long and hard fought weekend that included 6 games, the Storm experienced their 1st taste of success. It was a total team effort with different players stepping up in each game. What the Stom really showed this weekend was they had HEART! They battled thru injuries and fatigue and were able to comeback after being down several times. 
Way to go guys!

Tuesday, October 7
Summer 2008 Tournaments




West Rouge Challenge


May 24th – 25Th

Ancaster Heritage Days

Ancaster (Hamilton)

June 13th – 15th

Robbie International


June 28th – 30th

Ottawa South United


July 12th – 13th

Albert Campbell


September 20th – 21st

Tuesday, July 15
Ottawa South United Nike Cup - Runner's Up


Sunday, September 21
Semi-finalists, Albert Campbell Tournament