1998 Storm: Team News

Monday, October 10
Memorable International Game against Trinidad & Tobago a Summer Soccer Delight

The long days of summer have successfully transitioned over to the cooler days of fall and soon winter. The same can be said about the West Rouge Storm B98 soccer development program. The boys will now compete in the U14 category and look forward to developing further into a much more competitive entity.

The summer provided memorable moments, one of which was the team's first international game against Trinidad & Tobago and one which will be remembered as one of the first for this group of young men. Great coordination by parents, coaches and club was required to bring a game of this nature through its fruition. And it successfully rendered a "beautiful game" against a CONCACAF member. 

Please follow the link to an adaptation of this great memorable event...


Thank you for a Summer program boys and looking forward a great Winter Session !!


Friday, July 15
Storm B98 Keeps Working Along

Coming close to the mid-season mark and the West Rouge B98 Team continues to work on refining and fine tuning its soccer prowess. Coaches, team staff, players and parents are looking forward to the second half with much anticipation and enthusiasm !! Once again the team will rise to the challenge !!

We look forward to continually serving in developing soccer skills that will enrich the players lives and having fun along with it !! 


Thursday, April 7
Storm keeps up the work
The past three games have shown that the West Rouge Storm 2010 - 2011 indoor edition has kept working to optimize its performance and meet its development goals. The Storm has scored 10+ goals in the past two games and limited its opposition to a minimum.  We will continue to strive for a better rendition of the beautiful game and let the players dictate the outcome. We are about to complete the season knowing that we will continue to work and optimize our performance. Keep up the good work Team & Coaching staff & thank you parents for your continuing support !!  

Wednesday, March 2
Both Toronto Teams feel the Storm

The past two games are a glimpse of the potential the Storm is able to generate in preparation for the outdoor forum.  The Storm have generated 10 goals and allowed only one in that stretch. The score could have been a bit more had the posts & crossbars not been in the way... So SC Toronto North & B have experienced the Storm of goals of late along with a much better disposition in the beautiful game.

The Storm will continue to develop in the next few weeks and grow their soccer experience as games occur. 


Thursday, February 17
West Rouge Storm & Cherry Beach game "Official"

This game had many loyalists a bit buzzing...the pace & the skills displayed by both teams had everyone talking during and after the game.

Thank you very much Storm for playing well and thank you Cherry Beach for the challenge.

We look forward to another night at the Hangar to play yet another game of developmental footbal and enjoy it's aura!

Wednesday, February 2
No Calm before the Storm for the R.H. Raiders

Yes all over the news there were hyper sounds of the "Storm is coming...the Storm is coming..." Ofcourse this was merely announcing of the Snow Storm that arrived last night over the GTA, all 30 cms of it. But another Storm arrived last night before the Richmond Hill Raiders at the Hangar, it was none other then the West Rouge Storm B98 team with their own winds of brilliance to over score the Raiders and subdue the calmness before the event. The Raiders soccer "plows" were ofcourse a force to be reckoned with but much like nature the WRSC B98 Storm overshadowed the "plows" with their own winds of soccer brilliance spreading their strong effort all over the field to reign victorious once again !

Great game,  we hope to see more of this orquestrated developmental effort from the Storm moving forward !

Wednesday, January 26
The Lions Pride Succumbs to the Storm

The West Rouge Storm B98 showed much better resolve this time around against an NSSC Lions team with better conditions to compete then the first time around. But the pride of lions from North Scarborough succumbed to the Storm by a narrow margin. Although the soccer looked initially sombre the pace picked up with the Storm showing its metaphoric thunder & lightning soccer style to overcome the Lions pride.

The Storm will continue to fine tune its soccer disposition towards its next opponent for the upcoming game.

Wednesday, January 19
Time came to a stand still for the Storm

This was no sci-fi affair but time did come to a stop and the match ended in a tie as a result. The Storm performed well in the 2nd half of a well contended game against the Toronto Strikers but in the dying seconds of the game the ref decided to stop the clock and play for an additional 5 mins, which culminated in both confusion on the side lines by convenors, coaches and expectators a like & on the field by the players.  The rest as they say is "History", hold on let me check my clock...

Great game Storm, we look forward to the next encounter. 




Thursday, January 13
Storm Goals go South

The opportunities were many to outscore the opposition and in spite of a good effort the Storm goals went south in the second half of play allowing SC Toronto South to take advantage of the situation and get the better of the Storm by a marginal score.

The Storm looks forward to the next game to redifine their opportunities and consistancy. 


Sunday, January 9
West Rouge B98 Storm Excel in sportsmanship Plus get a positive result

The 2011 campaign began on a very positive tone for the West Rouge B98 Storm. The team used the game to refine many aspects of the game against an Excel Plus team that has eyes on the future with their young prospects.

The class demostrated by West Rouge B98 not too overwhelm these youngsters yet maintaining a competetive posture illustrated another grand aspect of the Joga Bonito that West Rouge keeps bringing to the indoor pitch. 

West Rouge looks forward to the second phase of the indoor schedule to refocus on playing the game of soccer with due posterity.

Again a mighty thank you to all parents and sponsors for your support !! 




Friday, December 17
Toronto SC B team felt the downpour of the Storm

The goals went in like a downpour of a Storm and the umbrella of the opposing team was a bit overwhelmed.

The soccer diplayed by the Storm was of better quality as the players synchronized their passes in harmony with their training.

It was a culmination to a wonderful year for the West Rouge Storm B98 U13 team.

WRSC B98 U13 will continue to drive forward in the upcoming 2011 campaign.

Thank you to a wonderful year to all parents and sponsors and we look to another great year in 2011.  


Wednesday, December 8
Why Such A Buzz For The Storm Against Toronto SC North

We've heard of Buzz Lightyear but last night we heard from Buzz LightStorm. Yes the game was decided right on the buzzer, reminiscent more of a basketball game finale than a soccer finish. Last goal on a last second effort by a Storm Team that worked on retaining their winning ways. You could just hear Univision's Pablo Ramirez's "Gol Gol Gol Gol Gol Gol Gol Golazoooo!!!"

Thanks to executing some technical strategic adjustments as recommended by the coaching staff in the second half, the Storm regained the developmental edge.

The Storm looks forward to the next match to rekindle a more consistent effort in their developmental technical prowse & full potential. 

Wednesday, December 1
The Storm Pitted Against Cherries

After a Bye week and some personnel lieu time, the Storm's energetic starts went extra green last night and energy was reserved for another night.

After the game last night against Cherry Beach United the Storm felt a sentiment of an old comedian who said: "If life is a bowl of cherries what am I doing in the pits"

We look forward to our next development encounter to restore our potential. 



Saturday, November 20
A Draw for Raiders Caught in the Storm

It was a game where the referee was happy that it finished. It exhausted his fitness and his arbittration acumen. The even pace, the strategy, the players fitness and skills were all tested on a late game. The chances were all there for either team to take the game with my bias leaning more towards the Storm having the better chances and the cross bar being the Raiders' keeper's best friend. The Storm had the break aways & the better number of shots and the Raiders had a keeper equal to the task. The Storm keeper was tested on crucial occasions and again he demonstrated the skills to keep his team in it.

A satisfying affair of developemental soccer indeed !

We look forward to our next league game on the last day of November.



Friday, November 12
Lions tamed by Storm

This was no African Safari adventure but the Storm managed to tame the Lions from North Scarborough SC. inside the indoor confines of the Hangar by a score of 3 - 0 . Again the Storm proved to be a well developed bunch of players improving upon every play. From creativity to technical prowess much like a developing hunter's prowess to catch a predator.

Great game Storm and as always looking to get better next time around !! 


Thursday, November 4
The Storm Strikes Back

The real score was 5 - 2 the official only saw 4. The well sought FIFA replay cameras were unavailable and the Storm felt a bit of the English football curse !

The avalanche of shots on the Toronto Strikers keeper were a sign that the Storm had arrived ! The final score of 4 -2 was a positive stride towards further development and football candor.

Another great effort on another faboluous night of Indoor Football at the Hangar.



Monday, November 1
B98 U13 Storm Indoor Soccer Well Underway at the Hangar!

The Indoor Season at the Hangar is well underway!

The first match  was as per the referee's comment the "fastest pace" game of the evening.

SC Toronto South provided the even scored challange for the evening. The Storm with a game reflective of their name was explosively offensive and defended accordingly.

The opportunities were many to capitalize on our offensive prowess and the chances seemed to have been saved for another night. Although the highlight of the game came when the Storm were a man down, 5 mins left in the game and down 3 - 2. A shot ricochet of one of the Storm defenders that it found it self on the counter attacking skill of one of it's prolific scorers who with clinical pricision chipped the ball over an exasperated challenging keeper! Game tied and many happy campers!

A well played match Storm after a couple of months off the game pitch! 

We look forward to our next match Monday Nov 1 2010 !!  



Saturday, October 23
Boys named WRSC Team of the Year

The 1998 boys were named Team of the Year at the West Rouge Soccer Club's 2010 Awards banquet.

Congratulations to all of the boys on this well-deserved recognition!


Monday, May 31
Ontario Cup Preliminary Tournament Winners

Congratulations to the boys for a fine performance this past weekend in the Preliminary Tournament for the Ontario Cup.

It was an impressive showing with wins over strong teams from Ajax, Kanata, Mount Hamilton and Erin Mills.

The win gets the Storm team to the Tournament Round in June.


cross country 09
Thursday, October 22
Storm boys in City Finals!

Four of our boys ran in the City Finals of cross-country running this afternoon.

It's a great showing as they joined the best in all of Toronto on a 2-kilometre trek across some rough and muddy terrain.

Congratulations on on a race well-run!

Sunday, October 18
Third annual TFC day a huge success!

The Storm boys did us proud once again this year, taking part in the opening ceremonies at a Toronto FC Game.

 Players, past and present, family members and friends held both the Canadian and U.S. flags during the anthems.

Then the boys and families got to sit back and enjoy the TFC beat Real Salt Lake 1-0 in a must-win game!



Monday, August 24

Just two days after claiming the CESL Cup, the Storm capped their season with a 3-1 win over Oshawa.

That gave them the CESL Division Two title, with a four point advantage over their nearest competitor.

What a great way to end an amazing season.

Well done boys!

2009 CESL Cup
Saturday, August 22
CESL CUP 2009 Champions!

Friday, July 10
Storm vs. Oshawa

Some highlights from Tuesday's game against Oshawa:



Friday, June 26
Some Video from this week

Some highlights from Monday's game against Ajax:



Highlights from our Cup game against Pickering on Tuesday:


Sunday, June 21
Peterborough Challenge Champs!

Congratulations to the boys on a well-deserved win at the Peterborough Challenge Tournament this weekend.

The Storm took the title in the U-11 "A" division.

The weekend was capped off with an exciting 4-3 win against Ajax in a nail-biter of a final under weather that went from hot and sunny, to a torrential downpour and back again.

Through it all, and despite their opponents coming back to tie it up late in the game, the Storm never gave up.

Congratulations on the win!

(video highlights to come).

Tuesday, June 16
Storm 7, Blizzard 4

The Storm battled to a 7-4 win over the Scarborough Blizzard this week at Timberbank.

Video highlights below:

Monday, June 1
Storm tie East York

The boys fought to a 1-1 tie with a much-improved squad from East York this week.

Video highlights below:

Saturday, May 30
Some information on nutrition

We've been talking a lot lately about proper nutrition and what young athletes are best to be eating.

Here are a couple of links to interesting articles on the topic:

 Tournament Eating

 Carbohydrate Chart

Xmas 08 trophies
Monday, December 29
Hangar Christmas tournament finalists!

Congratulations to the boys on a hard-fought trip to the finals at the Hangar Christmas tournament.

The Storm finished second overall in the round robin to earn a birth in the semi-finals.

A shootout win there earned them a trip to the final against Spartacus.

Unfortunately, they came up on the short end of a 4-0 final, but it was a great day, with six great games. Well done.

For some video highlights, click below:


Some of the boys at the Danone Cup
Sunday, October 26
Danone Nations Cup

Seven of our boys took part in the Danone Nations Cup international soccer camp.

It was a chilly but enjoyable morning spent on the campus of York University.

Thousands of players are taking part in camps across the country for the chance to represent Canada internationally.