17K Diamonds for All: Welcome

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Welcome to 17-K, Diamonds for All!

This organization was founded to collect used softball and baseball equipment and then redistribute it to needy youth organizations with the hope that all kids will have the opportunity to PLAY BALL!

 If you have used equipment you wish to donate or you know of a youth organization in need of equipment, please contact me at the email address below:



Kylie and Ryan McGoldrick #17

Thursday, December 6
17K Diamonds for All is planning a Holiday Collection!!!

17K Diamonds for All, has made an appeal to both the Baseball and Softball players at Virginia Tech to collect any used equipment or gear (non Virginia Tech) they may have lying around the house or garage and bring it back to Blacksburg after the winter break.  Kylie will be collecting it for a local charity upon her return to Blacksburg.   

Have a Happy, Healthy and Safe Holiday Season.

Kylie and Ryan McGoldrick #17

Wednesday, December 12
17K gets any early jump on Holiday Collection!

Great Start to Holiday Collection

A special thanks to some local neighbors who cleaned out their garage.  This gives us a good jump on the Holiday Collection.  I hope Kylie has enough room in her SUV to get all of it back to Blacksburg.

Thanks for thinking of us.  We will put the gear to good use!

Ryan & Kylie.

Sunday, April 17
17K Diamonds for All will kick-off its 2011 Tournament Collection at the Rock Gold Showcase, June 22nd - 24th

17K Diamonds for All will have collection bins located at the Rock Gold Showcase sign in tables on June 22nd - 24th.  Please start gathering your used equipment for a good cause

Many Thanks,

Kylie & Ryan

Wednesday, July 1
Boys and Girls Club of Camden County NJ accepts donation of Softball and Baseball Equipment

17K Diamonds for All delivered a truck load of Softball and Baseball equipment to the Boys and Girls Club of Camden County.  Included in the delivery were:

1.      over 65 bats

2.      About 18 helmets

3.      dozens of softballs and baseballs

4.      over 6 sets of catchers gear

5.      about a dozen gloves

6.      several dozen cleats

7.      a box of sliding pads and other protective gear

8.      Several different sets of numbered jerseys

9.      several pairs of baseball pants

10.  several bat and gear bags

17K Diamonds for All wish all the players the best of luck in there playing careers!

Regards,   Kylie and Ryan McGoldrick 


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Rock Showcase 6/25/09
Wednesday, July 1
17K Diamonds for All to kick-off its 2009 Tournament Collection at the Rock Showcase

17K Diamonds for All kicked off its inaugural season at the Under Armour Fastpitch Combine and Rock Showcase, on June 24th – 27th.  The collection bins located next to the sign-in table were overflowing. A special shout out to the following for their generous contributions:

1.      The Jersey Girls 18A crush(Ted Greiner)

2.      Pa Central Krunch Red

3.      North Jersey Avalanche 16U

4.      Milton Little League (Crush)

5.      Staten Island Sapphires

6.      VA Shamrocks (Bobby Kemp)

7.      Newtown Rock Gold

Thanks to all,  Kylie and Ryan