16U Team Smith-Greg: Welcome

2013 Utah


  teamSmith will continue on a quest to be a facilitator and guiding force to each of its student-athletes. teamSmith players will learn to play the game one pitch at a time with respect, discipline, poise and integrity while honoring each other as we strive to reach excellence on and off the playing field. The teamSmith player will make a committed effort to be a consistent mental, emotional and physical teammate while continuing with a plan, a purpose and having a work ethic and positive attitude that is second to none.
  • teamSmith is a non-profit organization that was established in 1997 to provide each student athlete, coaches and parents a positive, challenging and rewarding environment for success. teamSmith success is measured by the process NOT the result!!!
  •  teamSmith focus is to continue to develop the players, prepare them for collegiate softball, help assist in the recruiting process, and to win a National Championship.
  • teamSmith is devoted to promoting Life Skills, education, confidence, discipline, and self-esteem; all through sports-related events and activities.

  • teamSmith will always stress academics as well as social development of all team members.

  • teamSmith is dedicated to making this experience a family-oriented environment- No one at anytime: player, coach, parent or any family member will be allowed to compromise the integrity of the organization.
  • teamSmith is committed to long term goals…we will begin with the end in mind!
  • teamSmith’s goal is to prepare our athletes to play softball at the highest level. Our focus is on creating a solid foundation in each of our student-athletes.
  • teamSmith players will learn the game, learn to think the game, learn to play the game, and at all times learn to respect the game.

Being well rounded is very critical in the development of a student-athlete. Therefore, in addition to athletic skills, teamSmith players must also practice solid classroom skills, Without exception, each teamSmith student-athlete must maintain a B average and must have good citizenship marks. Further, players within our organization will understand that the TEAM comes first and that loyalty is a huge component to teamSmith.

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