15U New England Shooting Stars: Head Coach Frank Girginis

Head Coach Frank Girginis

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Coaching Philosophy

    My basketball philosophy is based on teamwork and hard work.  I like to think of teamwork as a puzzle because each player is a piece of the final product.  When we put all the pieces together, we have a very nice picture, but if one piece is missing then we will never reach our true potential.  Hard work means we work hard at all times.  The amount of energy and effort we put into practice is the same amount of energy we put into a game.  Simply put if we practice at 100% we will play at 100%.


   The team this season will run a “Run and Gun” type of offense; we want to generate as many points of turnovers as we can, so scoring points in transition is going to be something we look for.  Our offensive sets will include mostly “5-out”, and “4 out 1 in”.  Both provide different styles and force the defense to play differently against each one.  We will also have a few plays, but most of our offensive sets will be continuous which allows the offense to keep moving while giving us many different options.


   We will be an “in your face” type of defensive team.  This year we are going to run man to man full and half court defense.  We will also mix in full and half court traps along with a few different zone defenses to keep other teams off balance.  Our goal is to force as many turnovers as we can.  Transition points off turnovers is a must.

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