1440 Basketball Academy: RENO 2016 Information

Reno Hotel Deals (CLICK HERE)



***Tournament is Saturday - Sunday - Monday***

Saturday May 28th

Sunday May 29th

Monday May 30th



  • Families do not need to be in Reno Friday night, unless you wish to be their the night before games
  • Several families stay Friday Night and check out Monday, but games start on Saturday
  • Families can decide to arrive in Reno on Saturday prior to the first game
  • Families do NOT have to stay in Reno. You are welcome to commute for the 3 days if it is more feasible
  • Game times on Saturday can be as early as 8am or as late as 8pm (We will not know the schedule until the week of)
If you would like to stay in Reno, you are welcome to stay anywhere you wish. The following link is for the official tournament Hotel deals: