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Open Tryouts 12U girls

The A ball select team are having open tryouts for 12U girls fast pitch select tournament softball.

The A ball select team are registered with the USFA as a 12U A BALL SELECT TEAM!

The A ball select team will also register this team with ASA after the roster is set.

The A ball select team are a new girls 12U team.  This team is looking for all position players. If you have a player looking for a tournament team home, please visit with us and let them try out. If you have a player who thinks they want to pitch, a player who currently takes lessons, or a player who currently pitches, we at the A ball select team organization would like to see her. Pitching is strongly encouraged in each and every player for this team.

The A ball select team will feature a starting rotation of 5 pitchers. Pitchers will be guaranteed a start in each tournament. They will vie for the number 1 and number 2 spots each week and will also need to be able to play at least one other key position. A ball select team will have a special practice day for pitchers and their catchers each week.

Tryouts will be scheduled in August. The A ball select team coaching staff encourages and requests that your player attend each one for the best possible tryout. We want to have your player be and feel comfortable when trying out so that they can feel at ease and to acclimate to the surroundings, coaches, and new players trying out. We want them to have fun, be relaxed, and enjoy themselves when trying for a position.


Open Try Outs! August 2013. 12 Player Roster

Park in City, Texas


Tryouts are to be announced.


To contact the A ball select team, please call one of the following coaches:


Philip Ortiz 281-614-1900 or 281-508-0916(c)

Joseph Ortiz 24/7 contact 281-508-0916(c)

Joe Mahoney 281-726-8482(c)


Thank You and we hope to see your player at the fields.