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Stingers Fastpitch Softball
The Stingers are an 18U girls fastpitch tournament softball team.
............ from Virginia.


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FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES - Thanks to Tony Demarco, FCA leader Battlefield District and Riverbend High School Character Coach. Coach Demarco is the Varisty Head football coach at Riverbend, he shared the opportunities within the FCA and some of the Christian based strategies he uses to prepare his teams for victory. Visit the FCA site for your schools schedule.

PARRISH LEARNING ZONE - Thank you to Jay and Nina Parrish from the Parrish Learning Zone who presented on the College Experience from an Athlete's persepctive and provided tatics and strategies for success in the classroom at the High School and College levels. Parrish Learing Zone provides educational tutoring at the highest level to include the all improtant SAT Prep.! 


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MIRANDA CROPP (#8) – P/3B – 2013 Culpeper High School (Glenvile State, WV)

1ST Team All District Battlefield Pitcher

"We are so excited that Miranda is part of our team. She's the 2012 Battlefield District Pitcher Of The Year for one reason - she can deal...... She plays her high school ball for 2012 Battlefield Coach of the Year Earl Mills, that's a program that continues to provide quality players to the game.... Miranda's also an outstanding third baseman with a rifle of an arm and she can hit the gaps from the right side. She's agreat team mate and a very coachable player. It's going to be great to work with Miranda this year, she going to help us in every regard and it's already super to see her developing and working on new things improving her game." - Tracey


BRIANNA JACKSON (#00) – OF/U – 2013 Courtland High School (Glenville State, WV)

1ST TeaM All District Battlefield Outfielder

"Bri's a team mate of Kara Cowgill at Courtland High school and came highly recommended from a number of quality sources that we trust to the heart. When she worked out with us, it was clear... our sources were right again. This kid has D1 speed, she's a confirmed 2.7 runner!!. She has gap power from the right side of the plate PLUS we've been working with her from the port side and are really, really well pleased with the quick progress she's made in a very short time. Defensively she'll be manning it up as our centerfielder. We love this kid!." - Tracey


TORI LITTLES(#) – OF/U – 2014 Courtland High School (Undecided)

2ND Team All District Battlefield Outfield

"Tori's another team mate of Kara Cowgill at Courtland. Tori's a strong player which is revealed in her power from the right side of the plate. She can hit the ball hard and far and that's our game.... She'll be playing the corners in the outfield and we like her tools at second as well. Tori's a hard worker and has a ton of projecatabilty being a 2014. She's going to really help our team and I think we can really help Tori progress as a player and that's all exciting to me..." - Tracey


HANNAH HARRIS (#6) – C/2B – 2013 Spotsylvania High Schoo (Concorde University, WV)

"Hannah is one of, if not the top catcher in Fredericksburg. Her tools behind the dish are super nice. She'd never called her own games until she played with us this past summer. She's a good student of the game and has developed some great relationships with our pitching staff. She progressed tremdously in the game calling aspect of the game thoughout the summer season and simply took it over. She's also a great second baseman which is were she wprks most of the time at Spotsylvania High School. Hannah is a big time right side hitter with tremendous power, she hit a couple out this summer against strong D1 pitching. Super, super excited that she's decided to keep the Stingers in her family." - Tracey

TYLER THOMAS. (#4) – P/UT – 2013 Riverbend High School (Palm Beach State, FLA)

2nd Team All District Commonwealth Pitcher

“Tyler hits in the top three spots of our lineup. She consistently comes up big for our team both offensively and from the circle. Tyler is a very strong player and is a serious threat for the long ball on the right side. She works from the portside as well and has great bat control, she's an excellent drag bunter and power slaps the ball hard, very hard - as well anyone we've seen. She hit a few out from the right this fall and barely missed on a few more. Tyler was Co-Champion of our Quality At Bat Award this past summer - that should confirm her ABILITY  to get it done when it counts. She's a tiger in the circle - a HUGE competitor beating some of the best team in the state from the circle. She plays some great middle infield and can play the outfield as well as anyone on the team. Great to have "T" returning." - Tracey


LESLEY W. (#44) – P/UT – 2013 Eastern View High School (Randolph-Macon, VA)

1st Team All District Battlefield Utility

“This is LESLEY'S second full season with us and we are abosultely thrilled she is returning!.... She had one of the best winter workouts of anyone on the team... I know it's a recurring theme, but when you have athletes they can play anywhere on the field! LESLEY's another fabulous utility player. She pitched again this year at Eastern View, we'll use her again this summer in the circle - she has great stuff and compete's hard! LESLEY is strong, blessed with a great softball frame and her swing path is that Raaaaadford looong ball swing - we like those long balls!. She is one of the top power hitters on the team and we see her most certainly in the middle of the order to clean things up!! I am so happy that Lesley is returning, we love this kid!!!!” - Tracey


BECKY S. (#5) – P/1B – 2013 Riverbend High School (Longwood, VA)

1st Team All District Commonwealth Infielder

“Yuup - another founding member....BECKY continues to work hard through her enjoyment of the game. I thought Becky had an awesome winter as well, her swing is nice and quiet and very efficient. She has really learned how to hit and refined her swing over the past year. This spring I've seen her take the outside pitch hard to opposite field, it shows she understands how to hit the ball hard. Becky is one of the strongest players on the team, she took a signed, sealed and committed D1 pitcher 340' over center this spring - she's not intimidated by anyone in the circle and is a real threat to go deep at anytime. Without a doubt, BECKY is the finest firstbaseman I have ever had the privelge of coaching - 1st team district for a reason. In addition to 1st, Becky will see time in the circle, heck she's been 63 mph, usually works high 50's and has good offspeed - we can't leave that at first base!... I just love BECKY and her excitment for her team mates and the game, gonna be great to get back on the field with BECK." - Tracey


KARA C0. - (#33) – 3B/UT – 2013 Courtland High School (East Carolina, NC)

 2nd Team All District Battlefield Infielder

“KARA's joing us for her second full season and man are we glad about that! Hands down, no disputing it - best third baseman in Fredericksburg. Great footwork with superior reaction skills and a fearless attitude - several important traits of a corner player.. Another player that is really, really strong and has definete power potential from the right side. If you see KARA on the bases, YOU WILL NEVER FORGET HER - she is head first, I'm not getting out at every bag! Agreesive and smart, we are so lucky to have KARA returning amd look forward to spending time with her to help her reach her potential. ” - Tracey


INDIA HOLMES. - (#) – MIF/OF – 2014 Caroline High School (Undecided)

We've have known about India for several years, she is one of the top 2014's in the Fredericksburg area. When we learned that she was available we worked her out at a tryout, but that was a formality - we already knew we wanted her on the 13 Summer Team. India had a great winter workout with us, she hits the ball hard - line drives. We look for her to be competing for middle of the line up time in our roster. She has really soft hands and nice footwork, she'll play short and second for us this summer and head up some time in the outfield as well. We are super excited to have wearing the camo's this summer. ” - Tracey


TAYLOR SUBACIOUS - (#) – C/OF – 2015 Riverbend High School (Undecided)

Our old friend Taylor will re-join her Stinger Team Mates for the 2013 Summer season and we couldn't be happier! A perennial 2015 with speed, lots of speed and hard swing from the right. This summer we see her working from the left as well, with her speed it's a no brainer... but she does have a power bat and won the batting championship at Riverbend in 2012. She works with Tyler during the high school season and the two have formed up ot be a really nice combination. So she'll time behind the dish and certainly time in the outfield as well. Super excited to have her with us again this summer. ” - Tracey

RANDI M. - (#42) - C/OF - 2013 Eastern View (Sweetbriar, VA)


"Randi's a 2013 Graduate from Eastern View High school... she's another player that we've known about for a long time, we've competed against her for many years.....  She'll see time behind the dish and in the infield. It's really nice to have players like Randi, she's an athlete and can play just about every position. Randi's a right handed stick who has the power potential to see the middle of our lineup. We are really excited to work with Randi and like Bri, she comes from an outstanding family" - Tracey
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