1, 2, 3: Tennessee!: Welcome

Sunday, October 30
Welcome to Tennessee Basketball!

Hello to all players, parents, families and friends of the Fall 2011 Tennessee Volunteers 10-year-old girls basketball team!

Let me welcome you to the team website. Here, I will be posting news, contact information, schedules of both practices and games and other important information regularly as we march into this season, a season that will be filled with teamwork, learning and most importantly, FUN.

I hope you’re able to use this site as a resource throughout the season. I know that everyone is anxious and excited to meet their new teammates, as I am anxious and exited to meet you all as well. But before we even get together as a team, I wanted to reiterate the most important aspect to my coaching philosophy.

There is one ‘skill’ that I value higher than anything else.

It’s not shooting.

It’s not defense.

It’s effort.

The amount you get out of practice is the same as the amount you put in. The amount you get out of a game on Sunday is the same as the amount you put in. Why is effort the most important skill you can have as a player? Because if every minute, you give more effort and work harder and show more determination than the player that you’re matched up against, three things will happen.

1. You will perform better in the game.

2. You will learn more from the game.

3. You will have more fun during the game.

So the question becomes, what does effort mean? Effort means working hard for every rebound whether the other player is six inches shorter, six inches taller or the same height. Effort means getting loose balls and hustling down the court when the other team has the ball. Effort means finding your open teammate with a pass so they can shoot a high percentage shot. Effort means getting open so your teammates can find you with a pass! Effort also means cheering on your teammates while you’re on the bench and always staying involved.

Does effort mean that we make all of our shots and make every single rebound? Of course not. Every player will have a different number of points, shots, rebounds, steals, blocks. But one number does need to be shared by every player, and that number is 100%. If everyone gives one hundred percent effort, we’re all going to play better, learn more and have more FUN.

As you may already know, there is a free clinic at Bonnie Branch Middle School on Friday November 4 from 6:00PM to 8:00PM. If you are avaliable to attend, please do, and notify me as well. The clinic is a fantasic opportunity for the players to work on some skills as well as possibly meet some of their teammates, which I am sure everyone is very excited and anxious to do. I will be attending the clinic a little late, at around 6:15PM or so.The clinic is entirely voluntary though and if you can not attend, do not worry. Tuesday, November 8 will be our first practice of the season, 7:00PM at Worthington Elementary School.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns at any point throughout the season, PLEASE feel free to contact me. We work as a team, we learn as a team, we fight as a team and we succeed as a team.

All the best,

Coach Michael Spatz