11u FVAA Predators: Welcome

Monday, July 4

Walk Tall by Ziggy Marle ft. Paul Simon

Monday, March 21
Anthony Robles Wins NCAA Wrestling Title

Thursday, June 23
Predators Take Home Bronze in the 11u State Championship

The 10u Predators played in the 11u Top Gun State Championship on 6/18-19.  After facing two tough teams in ...

Monday, April 4
Predators Win Top Gun Battle for the Beach Tournament in Pikeville, NC
The 10u Predators won the Top Gun Battle for the Beach Tournament in Pikeville.  The boys posted a perfect ...

Sunday, March 20
Predators Win Top Gun NIT in Cary, NC

Sunday, November 14
Predators Win Bronze Bracket

Predators played in the Top Gun Winter World Series from November 12th - 14th.  The Predators lost both ...

Monday, November 1
Predators Take Second Place
The 10u FVAA Predators finish in 2nd place for the Top Gun State Championship Round Robin Tournament.  After ...

Monday, September 20
Predators win first 10u Tournament

The FVAA 10u Predators won the Top Gun Super Saver Tournament on 9/19.  The Predators won in dominating ...

Wednesday, September 15
Top Gun 9u Spring/Summer Points Champion
The FVAA 9u Predators won the Top Gun Spring/Summer Points Championship!  Please congratulate them on a job ...

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