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Wednesday, May 7
Helpful Hints About Surviving Tournament Weekends
Some Helpful Hints About Surviving Tournament Weekends
  • Tournaments can be long and, later in the season, very hot days.  It helps to plan ahead to bring cards, books, mp3 players, etc.  
  • Sunglasses for the players are a must on really sunny days; it's hard to catch a pop up when you lose the ball in the sunshine! :)
  • A good night's sleep the night before will make a world of difference for your player; playing up to four games in one day really takes its toll by the afternoon.
  • Some folks leave between games to get lunch or just have some down time, which is perfectly fine.  Coach Bill will want your players back to warm up before the next game, so be sure to check in with him or with me as to when we'll plan to start.
  • Bathrooms:  Some facilities have "real" bathrooms, while at others there are Port-a-Potty's   On a hot day, they are beyond disgusting by the afternoon.  We've been known to leave the tournament just to find a good restroom between games!
  • Items that will make your life easier at tournaments:  sun screen; baby wipes; tissues; blanket and/or chairs; hat or visor; fully charged devices; one of those big umbrellas to sit under; enough drinks and snacks to last the day; flip flops or Crocs for the girls to wear between games; jackets, socks and sweatshirts for chilly days.
  • If your player has an EpiPen, please make sure that you have it with you and that you leave it with me or one of our coaches if you are not going to be there. 
  • We very often will create a sign up sheet for food, drink, tents and other things.  Look for an email before the tournament website and feel free to sign up. Remember that these are *always* completely voluntary! 

Tuesday, February 26

We are still looking to add 1-2 more players ages 8-9 if you are interested, please contact coach Bill at bfox@manslumber.com, or 734-330-0083(cell).