01 Livonia Lancers: Welcome

Tuesday, June 10
01 Livonia Lancers

The Lancers' coaching staff would like to thank all of the players for coming to our tryouts. We want to thank you for the great effort that each of you put forth. The following players will be on this year's 01 Lancers' hockey team:

Matt Behen
Jack Boyk
Nick Brosky
Eric Bruinsma
Will Augustine
Joey Proctor
Mason Miller
Dallas Foley
John Eads
Colin Sheahan
Brendan Iatrow
Griffin Neary
Josh Suzio
Luke Pulis
Jake Robertson
Cam Greener
Andrew Gallaher

There will be a mandatory meeting this Saturday at Eddie Edgar Arena at 10:00 a.m.  This will allow the team to complete any paperwork that is needed. Some players still have to register with the LHA-these forms will be provided. Each family is asked to bring a check for $100.00, payable to the 01 Livonia Lancers. There will also be another fee for those families that have not yet registered with the LHA.
The plan for this summer is to get together for some off-ice sessions, to allow the players to get to know each other and to go over systems we will be using this season. These sessions will be very important and we will be looking for 100% attendance (unless you are on vacation). We will NOT be skating until August. Questions???? Let me know!

Dan Behen